Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thank you life!

Life has given me more than I wanted!
Life has shown me many new dimensions,
Thank you life for all the lessons!

Life has shown me all shades of grey,
Life has taught me where there is will,there is a way,
Thank you life for all the lessons!

Life can be hard,
Life can be tough, but life can be changed,
Thank you life for all the lessons!

Life has come in many different forms,
Like a new opportunity, like an unexpected storm, like a difficult choice,
Learnt a lesson new lesson every time,
Life goes on and never stops for those who believe!

Thank you life for all the ups and downs,
Thank you life for a happy moment after every grey cloud,
Thank you life for all the experiences and for everything else that make me proud!

Saturday, 3 October 2015


Don't ask me anything,
Don't leave me thinking,
Life can be hard for those who expect!

Don't think too much,
Don't aim too high,
Life can be hard for those who expect!

Don't change yourself,
Don't hate yourself,
Life can be hard for those who expect!

Life is about creating yourself,
Life is not about erasing everything else,

If you expect brightness, 
you will get dullness!

If you expect sadness,
you will find laughter!

If you expect struggle,
You will find freedom!

Don't expect too much,
Don't depend too much,
Life can be hard for those who expect!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Unwanted and unhealthy competition!

Is competition a good, or a bad, thing for children?  I believe, Competition is good but unwanted and unhealthy competition is not good. Some say that it encourages a child to excel in today’s competitive world where we compete for everything. 
 Others say it can destroy self-esteem and lead to bitterness and irritation.

When I see around, I fail to understand why parents are unnecessarily pushing kids to do everything these days. They just blindly follow others instead of understanding their own child’s interests. 
 I believe, due to unwanted pressure from parent’s kids can be just too hard on themselves when things don't go their way.  Kids try to satisfy the demands of a parent or teacher and end up feeling like winning is the only way to gain the approval of the adults they respect.
I used to think that competition could be healthy and fun. But there is no such thing as ‘healthy’ competition. In our culture, a child is told that it isn’t enough to be good. 
The kids should be told that not everyone can win a contest. If one child wins, another cannot. Children feel better about themselves when they work with others instead of against them.
 Healthy competition inspires kids to do their best. Unfortunately, in our country, the frequent win-at-all costs mentality associated with many competitions can reduce children’s motivation and lead them to avoid activities they may otherwise enjoy.  It is important to let your child develop and flourish on their own, at their own pace. Don't go to the extreme when raising your child. Don't over-schedule your child and bombard them with a million different activities, because this can have negative results.
We should remember that not every child is good at everything but they are all special and we should encourage them in whatever they are good at! We should teach a child to accept failure and that  “it’s OK to fail”.